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Garden II
W 90 " x H 62 "

Fabric - Acrylic paint  Sept. 2017



Quilt & Textilekunst    (Germany)

PATCHWORK professional  01/2018




Ocean life 2016
Shown here is the sketch with a grid overlay: to enlarge the image.


  • The base consists of gauze with batting on it.
  • Top gauze layer is the enlarged design using the grid (fig.: 1)
    the image is drawn using pencil and colored marker.
  • While top layer is lifted, fabrics are put in place.

With gauze partly lifted I can work on details to refine

the design, the shell pictured here.
Usually this involves hand-stitching and acrylic paint.
Now think about comparing the size of the original sketch to the actual size of the work. (H 48 " x W 96 ")



Refining the work by adjusting fabric to create the spiky points of the shell.  Oct. 2015


                                                   Januari  2016




                                                  Stenciling dots on the red fish.  Feb. 2016



                                                                  Ocean life.  March  2016


View the creation of Ocean life : https://youtube/BwUaWwu9nEw


Recently published:
Masters-Art Quilts Vol. 2
Lark Crafts ; ISBN 978-1-60059-599-8
Curator : Martha Sielman

included are the following pieces:

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Mariette Fetter  1995

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Magician II  1982


Woman with two gents   2001
Collection of San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum.

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